Realist Paintings and Drawings

Welcome to the online gallery of artist Christopher Witchall.

My artwork is the result of two passions of mine: a love of traditional painting and drawing techniques and a fascination with the photographic image.

Armed with a camera at all times, I photograph the world around me;  recording events, familiar and unfamiliar landscapes and seascapes, urban street scenes , observations that evoke memories and (as an artist) anything visually interesting that catches my eye. These are not art photographs but a personal visual journal.

Some of these photographs become the inspiration and reference for highly detailed, realist paintings and drawings. They are a marriage between the language and conventions of the photographic image and the processes and techniques of depicting reality in painting and drawing.

"Christopher Witchall's realist paintings are of everyday scenes. He chooses visual interesting imagery which include reflections and patterns. The complexity of the image draws the viewer in and absorbs them."  Katherine Mellor. Curator, Rise Art.

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